The Proposal At A Glance

Take a look at what we are thinking for the future of 145 St. George.


Proposal at a Glance

145 St. George Site Map

New residential building

The new building proposed for this corner lot is a 29-storey residential building featuring 341 units, modern amenity spaces for residents, underground parking, and a new privately-owned publicly accessible space (POPS) along St. George Street.

130 replacement units

Those who currently live at 145 St. George at the time the planning applications were submitted and when the notice to vacate is distributed later in the process, will have the opportunity to move back into the new building, in rental replacement units at similar rents. These new units will be modernized rental units, and tenants will have access to the new amenity space. Tenblock is available to discuss any questions existing tenants may have about this process.

Improving Public Green Space

This proposal is introducing revitalized public space along the St. George frontage of the property, called a Privately Owned Publicly Accessible space. The existing trees along St. George Street and Prince Arthur will be retained and our landscape design will integrate this area into the public realm as usable, enjoyable green space.


residential units, including 130 rental replacement units


bicycle parking spaces


dedicated to enhanced indoor and outdoor amenity space for residents


The Site

The site is in a very walkable area, steps away from the St. George Subway Station. Its location is desirable for pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders to get to various destinations, such as parks, schools, UofT, offices, museums, restaurants, coffee shops, and entertainment. We are looking forward to continuing to provide much needed rental housing stock for the neighbourhood while introducing additional housing opportunities. The redevelopment also creates an opportunity to significantly enhance the existing public realm and landscaping.